Importance of Content Quality

If you are serious about a writing career, of whatever degree than you need to enjoy what you are doing. That is first and foremost as that will come through in your writing. Think of the books you have enjoyed reading, do you get a kick out of people who are clearly just going through the paces or writing so robotically to a money making formula you feel embarrassed to read it?

What I have taken on in this writing experiment is to enjoy writing and to improve my writing. From there I hope to develop a personal style. I have chosen topics I have an interest in and topics that I have no clue about to test and develop my skills. No doubt I have written some rubbish! Some of my experiments, particularly on the how to site have been somewhat intriguing. You will be surprised what gets hit and what doesn't. Don't believe every intro from people trying to flog you an e-book!

On content I am trying to constantly improve, the balance is between what I may find interesting, what readers may find interesting and is both timely and thought provoking. There have been some real hits and misses.

I got a good shot of encouragement from the editors of HubPages today when they selected a hub (Article) I wrote for a feature. This gives invaluable exposure and the simple reward hey someone is reading. Check out the hub and vote for me if you see fit I would really enjoy that! Thanks for reading.

I have reproduced the email below for you, which includes simple instructions.



Hi billyaustindillon,

We're happy to inform you that your Hub, Superman Supplies Million Dollar Comic Book Auction, has been selected among 6 candidates for this week's HubNuggets on HubPages! HubNuggets are high-quality Hubs published by new writers like yourself that are featured in our weekly newsletter, sent to over 60,000 recipients.

The criteria for selection as a HubNugget is entirely dependent on votes, so please encourage your friends to vote for your Hub on this page before Wednesday of this coming week:

(Click on the HubNuggets - Vote Now tab at the top, right below the title)

ANYONE can vote and voters do not have to be members of HubPages. Consider sharing the voting link as a status message on Facebook, as a tweet, or in your email or discussion for um signatures, to help get the word out.

Good luck and thank you for publishing on HubPages!

– RedElf


Thanks again,

Work At Home Dad
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workathomedad said...

I am happy to note I won the contest and the result seemed to be positive with a jump in views, followers and adsense earnings. So the concentration on content seemed to be valid.

I will update the blog shortly - the demise of eHow into Demand studios has taken up much of my time allocated to writing.

Maine SEO said...

The problems I encounter over and over again is how to accumulate quality content. If you get a chance please check out my Work at Home Dad Facebook page!

Anne Shaw said...

Content is most important part of a post. Its the soul which makes a relation with the reader or viewer. It should be qualitative so that have a better response and liked by the bloggers.

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